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Thank you, Lindsay, for the warm welcome.  Thank you Blanca and Dr. Dhir for your professionalism and skills, and everyone else involved.

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Thank you for the very professional and personal care you and your staff provided me yesterday. No one looks forward to surgery of any kind. But your manner and clarity of explanations help to set me at ease. Your staff was very warm, very caring, yet very professional. They explained each part of the process, leaving no uncertainties in my mind about what to expect next. It was very assuring as we moved through the procedure.

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Thank you very much for everything you done for me. Also thanks too to your staff for everything they did. Without you all removing my skin cancer for me with the ways things are I don't know what I would have done.  Thank you.

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Dr. Dhir and Jackie, I am blessed to have you be my Mohs team!  Thank you!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to you!  I thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and wonderful cards. There is not another doctor like that. You care! That is wonderful.

—SH (after Mohs surgery)
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Thank you for all your kind service, your happy smiles and care.  Enjoy the sweets that are as sweet as all of you. 

—BR and PR
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You and your staff, Erica, Blanca, and Alicia were so professional and so kind.  And your building...well, the design is just excellent.  Thanks again!

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Thank you for a successful Mohs surgery. I was very confident in your abilities and it was a pleasure to meet you.