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Your patience, time, and care are greatly appreciated. I am so absolutely pleased with my leg that now each and every day I am able to look at it, and for once, to not be ashamed of the scars that were once there. Thank you so much. I will always be grateful to you.

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Thank you for an extremely competent experience.

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How can I possibly explain how much you have meant to us. When you took the Hippocratic Oath, it must have had an addendum that covered care and compassion. You are truly special and I feel so blessed to know you.

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I just want to thank all of you for being so nice to me and treating me really good.  It’s people like you all that make life worth living and make people want to go on.  Again, thank you for everything you done for me.  I will never forget your kindness.  Love all of you so much.  Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your excellent medical care, and the special kindness given to us by the office staff.

—MJ and LAJ
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Thank you, Lindsay, for the warm welcome.  Thank you Blanca and Dr. Dhir for your professionalism and skills, and everyone else involved.

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In my observation, it is clear very little goes on in your office without distinct deliberation.  It seems you have an exact process for everything – from the knock on the door while a patient is waiting to the language on the handout being exact, engaging, and grammatically correct.  You are not only an outstanding surgeon, but an outstanding businessman/ manager/etc.  It shows in your office and in your people.

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Dr. Dhir, Erika, & Lindsay, The surgery site on my forehead healed quickly, with no aches, pain, or scarring.  You did great.  :-)  Your "fun" attitude makes my visits a breeze.  Thanks Much!!

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Thanks for the advice you gave me to have the mole removed. I am thankful to God for the knowledge he has given you to know how to help people! Thanks again.

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Thank you for all your care and concern and all your patience and time you used on me. You and your staff were wonderful. God bless you.